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How to download free amazon books | Library Genesis



Download Free Amazon Books
Download Free Amazon Books

At this time, reading an amazon book for free is not a big challenge. But you have to go through some credit card trials or do signups, etc. but in this article, I will tell you a method that is 99% working and you can read or even download the unlimited amazon books in PDF form for free.

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Can we download Amazon Books for free?

Some people say it's illegal to download amazon paid books for free but in my opinion, if you can't pay for the book and have a thirst for reading, it's not bad to have one. So I will suggest you that if you have enough money to buy a book, you should pay for it. 

The authors deserve this little amount for their effort. So don't be unfair to them and buy one amazon book if you can afford it. The other scenario is that you can't pay for it but you love reading amazon books.

Can we download Amazon Kindle Books for Free? 

Well, this method is not limited to just amazon books, but you can download any book by just searching with an ISBN number or exact title. I have not tried this method on Kindle but you can. So let's start and see how you can get a free book.

Step 1: Search for your favorite Book

Just go to and search for your book and see which has the complete details like ISBN, Author details, Complete and exact title, etc.

Download Free Amazon Books

Once you have found it, just look into the details of the product and copy ISBN.

Step 2: Copy the ISBN of the Book

You can see in the above image, ISBN-10, and ISBN-13. Just copy any of these numbers and go to step 3.

Step 3: Go to Library Genesis Website

You will see this homepage. Just paste the number in this search bar and click search. If you want to dig into details, then you have a couple of options like search by title, year, publisher, and language.

Step 4: Download your Amazon Book

Just hitting the search button, a few links will appear in front of you. You can see different versions of the book difference by language, year, author, and file type. Select any of your preferred file types and download your book.

Hurray! Your Book is Ready.

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