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How to Change icon of exe file - Quick Guide

How to Change icon of exe file - Quick Guide

We all know that an executable file has a simple default icon which is not good in look and also it's very difficult to distinguish if we have multiple exe files in the same folder. So for this purpose, we can use some tools to change the icon of the exe file so that easily we can identify the exe file of the program. Also, the icon of the executable file is changed to make your software a brand to stand in the market. If your program has an exe file with your company logo, the impact will be high. You can easily change the icon of the exe file using this method shown below.
  • What is the exe file
  • What is icon
  • Software for Icon change
  • Process

What is an exe file?

Whenever we create software or install one from the internet or CDs or USB we see a little picture on the application file of software that image can be a simple company logo or anything related to the application. So that image is the default icon of the application that we see on our desktop or taskbar when we use that software. So basically the exe file is the short form of an Executable file, which means whenever a user double clicks on the exe file, it will do some task it can be some process, some function, or anything else. 

What is an icon?

So as we discussed above, the image is the icon but why do we call it an icon? actually, its extension is .ico so we call the image with .ico extension as an icon. When you download an icon, just right-click and check whether it is a simple JPG image or an icon. The reason we use only icons for exe files is that it takes less storage in memory and displays complete images. So if you want to download icons of your choice, you can DOWNLOAD ICONS HERE. For Windows 10 let me just show you an example of icons, You can see the software in the image as This PC, Recycle Bin, etc. and the icons are in front of you, you can easily change them if you don't like this one.

Software for Icon change

If you want to change your software's icon you can do it by following simple steps below. The name of the software is ResourceHacker and this is the most commonly used software nowadays for icon changing. You can download the software from its original website or you can get here: DOWNLOAD TOOL. After you have downloaded the tool you just have to extract it if it's in zip otherwise just double click.


So once you have downloaded the software, you need 3 things. First of all the file that you want to change the icon of. Second, is the icon that you will add. So to DOWNLOAD ICONS go to the website and search for your desired icon. After you have downloaded the icon just follow these steps carefully.

STEP 1: Double-click the Resource Hacker Application. And the new windows will appear in front of you.

STEP 2: Now right-click the Application to which you want to change the icon of exe and click file location from the menu.

STEP 3: When you reach the setup folder just locate the actual application file of software. Then Drag the Application file into the window of Resource hacker and you will see some sort of icons on the right side and some files.

STEP 4:  Locate the folder Icons / Icon Group and expand it to show icons used in software. then right-click any icon in the list, Just try it to the primary icon of the application. Click the Replace Icon.

STEP 5: A new window will open, Just click on Replace and choose the icon which you have already downloaded.

STEP 6: When you have replaced the icon, then click on the top left corner as FILE and click SAVE. If the SAVE button does not work for you and gives any error, just use the SAVE AS button and save your new exe file anywhere on your computer. 

After doing this just restart your computer and the icon will be changed shortly. Sometimes it takes some time to appear because in cache memory our computer keeps the icons of some software.

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