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How Internet was invented? And Who is the Owner of Internet

How Internet was invented? And Who is the Owner of Internet
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How the Internet was made? And who is the owner of the Internet?

One of the major reasons businesses, home, and other users purchase computers and mobile devices are for internet access. The Internet is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. Each of the networks on the internet provides resources that add to the abundance of goods, services, and information accessible via the internet.

Today billions of home and business users around the world access a variety of services on the internet using computers and mobile devices.  The web, messaging, and video communications are some of the more widely used internet services. Other internet services include chat rooms, discussion forums, and file transfer. To enhance your understanding of internet services we will first know the history of the Internet and how the internet works and then explains each of these services.

How the internet was made?

The internet has its roots in a networking project started by the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. ARPA’s goal was to build a network that allowed scientists at different physical locations to share information and work together on military and scientific projects and could function even if part of the network is destroyed by a disaster such as a nuclear attack. The Network was called ARPANET, became functional in September 1969, linking scientific and academic researchers across the United States.

The original ARPANET consisted of four computers, one each located at the University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at Santa Barbara, The Stand ford Research Institute, and the University of Utah. Each of these computers served as a host on the network. 

How Internet was invented? And Who is the Owner of Internet

A host, more commonly known as a server today, is a computer that provides services and connections to other computers on the network. The host often uses high-speed communication to transfer data and messages over a network. By 1984, ARPANET had more than 1,000 individual computers linked as hosts. Today, Millions of hosts are connected to this network, which now is known as the internet.

The internet consist of many local, regional and international networks. Both public and private organizations own networks on the internet. These networks along with phone companies, and the Government, all contribute towards the internal structure of the internet.

Who is the Owner of the Internet?

No single person, Company, Institution, or Government Agency owns the Internet. Each organization on the internet is responsible only for maintaining its own network. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), however, oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the internet. The mission of W3C is to ensure the continued growth of the web. Nearly 400 organizations all around the world are members of the W3C, Advising, Defining Standards, and addressing other issues.

How Internet was invented? And Who is the Owner of Internet
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Ways to connect to the Internet

Users can connect their mobiles or computers via Wired or wireless technology and then access its services for FREE or for a small fee. With a wired connection, a computer or a device is physically attached via a cable or a wire to a communication device, such as a modem that transmits data and information over transmission media to the Internet. 

For wireless connections, many mobile computers and devices include the necessary built-in technology so that they can transmit data and other items wirelessly. A computer without this capability can use a wireless modem or other communication devices that enable wireless connectivity.

A wireless modem for example uses wireless communication technology such as cellular radio, satellite, or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. The wireless modem is also known as a dongle which is a small device that connects to a computer and enables additional functions when attached.

Today users often connect to the internet via broadband Internet Service because of its fast data transfer speeds and its always-on connections. Through broadband internet service, users can download web pages quickly, Play online games, and communicate in real-time with others and much more. 

Popular broadband services


Cable Internet Service – Provides High-speed internet access through the cable television network via a cable modem.
DSL – Provides high-speed internet connections through the telephone network via a DSL Modem.
Fiber to the premises – uses fiber optic cable to provide high-speed internet access via modem.

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