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With the explosive market development of the cryptocurrency industry, digital asset Staking/trading platforms have evolved to be one of the most important parts of the blockchain industry. They support the increasing market demand for trading and play the sign of control of connecting primary and secondary markets for all the market participants from those involved in venture capital to institutional and retail investors, and ultimately facilitating the capital injection mechanism in the cryptocurrency. 

The economic model of blockchain technology is built upon digital tokens and the consensus mechanism- digital tokens unlock the economic value and activate the internal ecosystem of the blockchain; while the distributed consensus mechanism ensures the efficiency of the operating platforms. The incentive system aligned with the business model and economic interests of key stakeholders is the core driver of the development of blockchain projects in the cryptocurrency economy. Blockchain technology has emerged as the core system and tool in support of autonomous management. 

After Satoshi Nakamoto established a set of general rules in his 2008whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, the entire blockchain community has built upon a decentralized approach, gradually evolving into a distributed autonomous system. Similar to the traditional market economic system, the distribution of products is dependent upon the quantity and the output of resources and supporting processes; whereas the right of usage, ownership, and right to operate together with investors, shareholders, employees, and customers are fully integrated into the blockchain eco-community.
 As a result, all participants would share the benefits of ecosystem development and support better utilization of resources to create a virtuous cycle of profitability and sustainability. The recent development and expansion of the blockchain ecosystem have ushered in a new era of the distributed autonomous economy over the traditional economical forms of both capitalism and socialism.

Our Mission

To create a new asset management paradigm. As a TRONDAO platform product, mgroo is the connection between real-world asset allocation needs and the crypto world. As a user, you can embrace the infinite possibilities of crypto assets by integrating with the mgroo ecosystem.

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