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iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021


 iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
On September 20th, Apple will release its next-generation iOS operating system

After announcing iOS 15 in June of 2021, Apple is scheduled to deliver the newest version of its iOS operating system September 20 of that year, according to Apple. Features include FaceTime conversations, capabilities for reducing distractions, and a whole new notification experience, as well as a redesigned version of Safari, Weather and Maps, among other things.

Supported Devices for iOS 15
iPhone 12iPhone XR
iPhone 12 miniiPhone X
iPhone 12 ProiPhone 8
iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 11 ProiPhone 7
iPhone SE (2020)iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 6s
iPhone 11iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone XSiPhone SE (2016)
iPhone XS MaxiPod touch (7th generation)

Apps feature bigger icons and contact pictures, and notifications have been completely revamped in iOS 15. Using a notification summary reduces distraction by grouping alerts together for delivery at a convenient time and arranging them by priority. 

As a result of the new Focus function, users may filter alerts and applications following what they want to focus on at a given moment. Others will see the user's Focus state when it's blocking incoming messages in Messaging. iPhone users may design a personalized Focus or iOS can recommend one for them based on on-device information, such as while they're at work or winding down for bed. When a Focus is established on one Apple device, it is automatically applied to all other Apple devices that are connected to the same network. 

Safari has a whole new look. One-handed controls make it simpler to focus on the content of a web page since controls are now easy to grasp with one hand. Now users can simply switch tabs thanks to a new, small tab bar that hovers at the bottom. Using tab groups, users may save tabs and access them from any device at any time. For the first time, there is a configurable start page and web extensions. 

There is a new 3D view in the Maps app that shows buildings, pedestrian crosswalks, and bike lanes, among other things. Introduced road information and enhanced Transit features, such as pinned favorite lines, reminders to depart, and augmented reality walking directions, have been added to the city driving experience.

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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FaceTime calls now have voice isolation and Spatial Audio so that voices sound as though they are emanating from the person's location on the screen. FaceTime now has a Portrait mode and a new grid view that lets you see more faces at the same time while you're chatting with someone. In a FaceTime call, users may now exchange media in sync via SharePlay. As an alternative, users may create a shared link to a planned FaceTime call, which can be accessed on Android and Windows phones. 

There are additional graphical representations of meteorological data, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts that vary depending on weather conditions in iOS 15. Totaly redesigned animated backdrops can now provide more precise information about sun positions or weather conditions at any given time, and there are notifications to let you know when rain or snow starts and stops.

As of iOS 15, the Wallet app now supports new key kinds such as homes, businesses, and hotels. A driver's license or state-issued ID will be able to be added to the Wallet app later this year in selected states. Memories has received a big upgrade in the Photos app, with a new look and an interactive interface that has been added to the Photos app. With Apple Music integration, Memories now offers music choices for customized Memories based on the device's intelligence. 

On-device intelligence enables Live Text, a new feature that allows users to search for, highlight, and copy the text in a photo. In addition, Spotlight can now search for photographs based on a variety of criteria, including location, people, sceneries, objects, and even textual descriptions. You may search for images on the internet using Spotlight, as well as get richer results for actors, singers, or TV series and movies. Recent chats, shared images, and location if it was shared using Find I are now included in the enhanced results for contacts. 

Mail Privacy Protection to prevent senders from knowing if an email has been opened and identifying a recipient's IP address are among the new privacy features in iOS 15. The App Privacy Report view shows how often applications utilize the permissions they have been granted. 

As well as user-created tags, mentions, and an Activity view in the Notes app; Trending; Walking Steadiness; and a new sharing tab in the Health app; Messages' system-wide Shared with You feature; and the TV app's For All of You row to recommend entertainment for the entire household. The new iOS 11 update also includes several bug fixes and improvements. 

When iOS 15 launches on September 20, it will run on all iPhone 6s and later models, which means it will work on any device that can run iOS 14.

How to Download and install iOS 15?

Only developers and public beta testers have access to the iOS 15 preview beta release. iOS 15 beta updates will be accessible over the air to registered developers who have downloaded a beta profile from the Apple Developer Center. On, you may download and test the public beta of iOS 15. Installing iOS 15 on a separate device is recommended because this is a beta version of the software that may have bugs or other difficulties. 

Several months will pass before Apple releases iOS 15. During this time, Apple will improve the operating system's new features and repair issues before it's released in September 2015. They may also use the beta testing phase to support the new operating system and add iOS 15 capabilities to their apps. This is a great opportunity for developers. On September 20th, iOS 15 will be available to all users with suitable hardware.

Current Version

There are eight beta versions of iOS 15 for developers and seven for public beta testers, according to Apple. TestFlight information has been added to the App Store. A warning has been added to the App Store that the iPhone may be found even when it is switched off and new splash screens provide explanations for applications such as Photos, Reminders, Home, and Maps.

Safari's interface has undergone a major overhaul, with two options for the tab bar's location, and previous changes have been rolled back. Safari Bookmarks, Reading List, and History have been redesigned in the bottom tab bar, and Shortcuts have returned to allowing timed watch face automation.

Redesigned Notifications

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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Notifications have been substantially revamped in iOS 15. A contact photo for people and a bigger app symbol for easy identification are now displayed in notifications. An all-new customized notification summary combines non-urgent notifications together to be sent at a more opportune time, such as in the morning or evening, is now available. A user's activities with applications are analysed by on-device intelligence, which places the most essential and relevant alerts at the top. Time-sensitive communications and urgent messages will still arrive quickly.

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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If a thread is exceptionally busy but you are not participating with it, you may temporarily silence its alerts in any app or messaging app. In addition, developers now have access to a new notification API that allows them to deliver Time-Sensitive alerts and adopt the new appearance for notifications that come from individuals.

Focus Feature

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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Focus is a new function in iOS 15 that helps users limit distractions. When using a Focus, a user may limit notifications and Home Screen pages based off of what they'd like to focus on at a specific time, while still receiving important alerts. Other individuals can see the status of an individual who is not now available unless in the case of an emergency when their Focus is currently blocking inbound alerts. 

On-device AI will identify which individuals and applications should alert users at particular times and recommend Focuses to users automatically. Work hours, personal time, and slowing down for bedtime are all factors that influence the focus recommendations. There are other options as well, such as creating a custom Focus to only show particular alerts and Home Screen pages, allowing only interruptions for the most essential notifications and applications, and setting up auto-replies for messages when in Focus mode. 

Spotlight Feature

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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Spotlight can now search for photographs based on location, people, sceneries, or objects, and with the new Live Text function, Spotlight can identify text and handwriting in photos using artificial intelligence. You may use Spotlight's web image search feature to find celebrities, singers, and TV series and movies in a richer way. When searching for contacts, the enhanced results display recent chats, photographs that have been shared, and a location if it has been shared using Find My. The spotlight may also be accessed from the Lock Screen, allowing users to easily install apps from the App Store without leaving Spotlight. On the Maps result in Spotlight, there is an action button for companies who support App Clips. 

FaceTime Feature

This feature makes video calls sound as though they are originating from the person's location on the screen in iOS 15. To isolate a user's speech from surrounding noise, new microphone modes have been added, including Wide Spectrum mode. 
iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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With FaceTime's new Portrait mode, users may blur out their backdrop and put themselves in focus, while mute notifications make it apparent when you're speaking on mute, according to the company's press materials. For group FaceTime conversations, a new grid view allows participants to see more faces at once, and the rear camera has an optical zoom option.

SharePlay Feature

SharePlay is a new tool that allows users to exchange media, such as Apple Music music, TV programs, and movies, with one other during FaceTime chats. Sharing playback controls means that anybody participating in a SharePlay meeting may start or stop or skip content, as well as add it to an existing shared queue. SharePlay also allows users to share their displays so that they may see applications in a FaceTime chat together. 

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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Apps such as Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, and Hulu have committed to integrating SharePlay, as have others such as MasterClass and Paramount+, Pluto TV, TikTok, and Twitch. Using FaceTime while watching shows or movies on a larger screen is now possible with SharePlay on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. So that you can hear your pals even when they're talking loudly, smart volume control dynamically and automatically changes the audio so that you can hear them. In-app messaging controls are also available in SharePlay.

FaceTime Links

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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To share the link to a FaceTime call, users can use Messages, Calendar, Mail, or other third-party applications. For the first time, Android and Windows users will be able to utilize FaceTime through web browsers instead of the FaceTime software on Apple devices. As a result, all FaceTime calls made on the web are encrypted from beginning to end, ensuring that your privacy is protected.


When you open into Photos, you'll see that Memories has been significantly updated. It now has a new appearance as well as a connection with Apple Music. Videos and images may be synced with iTunes Memories to create a more customized experience for Apple Music listeners. By swiping through Memory Mixes, users may create their own customized memories by listening to different songs with varying tempos and atmospheres.

With Memory Looks, each photo or video is analyzed to determine the right amount of contrast and color correction to provide a consistent look. Additional foreign holidays, child-focused memories, and patterns over time are among the new Memory kinds. Improved pet memories include the ability to distinguish specific dogs and cats. Additionally, you may see and modify all of a Memory's content from a bird's eye view, and the Watch Next section recommends comparable memories to watch in order to complete the experience.

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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Improved recognition of persons in the People album, as well as the ability to rectify naming errors. If you want to see less of a certain date, place, holiday, or person in Featured Photos, the Photos widget, and Memories, you may choose to Feature Less it. 

A new Info pane in Photos in iOS 15 allows you to see more information about the shot, including the camera, lens, and shutter speed as well as the file size. You may also change the date or location of the photo, add a caption, and learn more about the things that Visual Look Up has recognized.

Messages' Photos picture picker now allows you to select photos in a specified sequence for sharing. When you allow third-party applications access to certain material in the Photos library, they can offer simpler selection procedures as well.

Maps Feature

An interactive world view is now available in Maps, along with considerably improved information in a new 3D view of cities. A new "moonlit" night-time mode and updated road colors and labels allow for a more detailed view of neighborhoods, commercial districts, and structures. Additionally, the Maps app delivers a new city driving experience in 3D, complete with road details such as turn lanes and pedestrian crosswalks. This feature is available on both the iPhone as well as Apple CarPlay devices.

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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There has been a revamp of the transit navigation system, allowing travelers to discover local stations more quickly and to save their preferred lines for future reference. When a user is about to exit from a specified transit route, Maps will automatically follow the path and alert them.

A new augmented reality walking instructions view is also available. In a matter of a few seconds, users may use their iPhone's camera to get comprehensive walking directions. Businesses, locations, and physical elements are now simpler to locate and interact with thanks to redesigned place cards that make it easier to discover and interact with information. New information on new sites may be found in the Guides Home section.


As of iOS 15, the Wallet app now accepts new sorts of keys, such as key cards for the home, workplace, corporate, or hotel. Additionally, the Wallet app is now leveraging Ultra-Wideband technology to unlock, lock, and start your automobile without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. In addition, Ultra-Wideband provides accurate spatial awareness, so iOS will prevent you from locking or starting your car while you're using your iPhone.

iOS 15 - ios 15 launch date | iPhone Users will get iOS 15 Update on 20 September 2021
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It's now possible to lock or unlock your car remotely with the help of Wallet's remote keyless entry controls. Clients in the United States can add their driver's license or state ID to the Wallet app later in 2021. Customers will be able to utilize their digital identity card in Wallet for the first time at airport security checks, according to Apple. Additionally, the Wallet app will now immediately archive any boarding passes or event tickets that are no longer valid. Multiple passes may be added to Wallet in one step instead of individually adding one pass at a time in Safari.

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