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ANTUSDT is Real or Scam | Review and Details


What is ANTUSDT Platform?

Basically Antusdt is a cryptocurrency based platform which offers different packages for investment. We will talk about the process of investment and profit later but before that we should know what ANTUSDT actually is. 
Antusdt is a project of Army Ant Limited which is located in London and was launched on Feb 10, 2021and this is a project for encryption mixer or we can say its a Coin Shuffle Project. Cryptocurrency is not actually total anonymous so the coin shuffle or encryption mixer was born - ANTUSDT  People cannot directly know who made the transaction, but in some cases by analyzing the nodes and KYC/AML data we can find out who sent the transaction. These digital currencies are not linked to a real identity but if this process is done accurately and completely, we can reach out the actual person who made the transaction. 

What is Coin Shuffle?

Talking about cryptocurrencies, there are two things that come to our mind. 1-decentralyzation 2-Anonymity but one of them is limited to some extent which means we can reach the person and can track the transactions (Anonymity)
Although a digital wallet is linked with a person but not necessary that the person registered with a real identity or real address. If someone makes a transaction and then that transaction is traced back he/she will not have to worry about because if someone wants to reach the real person he/she will have to go through large data analysis. So to avoid this type of mess COIN SHUFFLE helps a lot, which is actually shuffling your crypto coins in blockchain and then return to you. This is a high privacy providing service. 
Coin Shuffle as the name shows, gets coins from various addresses and the collectively send them to a single address. And by this process even if the transaction data is public, all the records will be shuffled and no one can analyze the nodes. So it protects users privacy a lot.
In reality, coin shuffle is similar to a group of individuals putting coins into a wishing pool. If everyone tosses in 1 yuan coins, people will be able to identify how many 1 yuan coins were thrown in at what time, but after the staff cleans and sorts the money, no one would be able to distinguish which coin was tossed in by whom. Because the Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction on the Bitcoin network, it's difficult to tell which incoming transaction should correlate to which departing transaction after a coin shuffle. It is impossible to determine where and how much of the trader's bitcoin is held, ensuring the highest level of user anonymity. Under typical situations, it is preferable to shuffle the coins many times with a modest amount of coins each time.


Coin shuffle is a privacy-protection feature, and it's impossible to monitor coin shuffle transactions. After a coin shuffle, the funds are mingled with those of other users, and a random association is established between the existing user's account system and the new account. This technique may provide transaction anonymity as well as the anonymity of all services.

How To earn from ANTUSDT?

You just have to work 5mins in 12 hours. Basically if you don't want to invest in this project you can earn without investment also. So there are two methods to earn in this platform, first is to invest a little money and earn daily profit and second one is without investment but you have to bring some refers in order to speed up your earning.

Instructions For Sign Up

When you enter on registration page, Please Follow these guides to register yourself.
  1. Choose Unique Username
  2. Then Select Strong Account Password (Not Less Than 8 Digits)
  3. Create a Transaction Password (For Withdraw & Transfer Process)
  4. Enter Valid Email. (For Verification)
  5. Then Click on GET VERIFICATION CODE button.
  6. Open Your Email and Copy Verification Code.
  7. Paste the code and Write INVITATION CODE  (1MQIKZ3G)
  8. Click Register Now


After Register, Login to website or Download ANDROID APP . When you will login you will see the interface like this shown below. Some times they some offers to invite other users.

How to Start Earning?

First of all Go to Mine Section Located in right bottom corner. Click on that option and then click Sign. you can earn $0.3 daily buy just doing this task. This process continues for about 60 days which means you can easily earn $18 for Free just by logging in daily.

After you click on Sign, You will see a calendar on which you can see your previous signs from which you got your bonus of $0.3 and how many days are remaining for your bonus. This feature is only for 60 days so you have to click on Sign every 24 hour and claim your $0.3.

After Sign, your first task is done. Now come to second and main task. Go to Home Section, you will see an option named as ANTUSDT on the first place. Click on that option, you will many Join in buttons in front of different currencies. Just click on 4th button of Join in front of USDT.

After clicking on this button, you will be asked for entering amount to be joined in. Basically Join In means how much you want to invest in this platform so just click on total button or enter the amount manually which you want to invest. After entering amount Click Join in and all done.

After joining the coin shuffle, you can see your investment growing in Detail menu. When you will click on detail option, you will see your investment and your profit earned by this investment. The Quantity means amount which you have invested and the commission means the profit which you have collected.

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