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Facebook Ads can Help your Business in Growth | Facebook ads for Smaller Business



If you Own a Small business or thinking to start one, then you may consider Facebook ads the best way to advertise your products or services. So to do this you will first establish your small business, build the brand and then place it on a Facebook page.  Because if you are not present online then you are missing a lot of customers. It's not too hard to become online on social media platforms. Just Hire a designer, design your unique logo, and a Facebook ad manager who will manage your Ad accounts, and also he will run your business ads effectively.

On small Scale it may look like you can't afford an ads manager, but I can assure you if you hire one and he or she is professionally trained and experienced, he will bring you a lot of customers that you can hire 10c more ads managers for your business and grow to a next level.

Types of Facebook Ads

At the current time, Facebook is providing a lot of ad formats that can easily fit your business needs. But we will discuss here the most widely used and effective types of Facebook Ads. 

Image Ads

This is the simplest type of Facebook ad which can help you to increase your reach on Facebook. This type of ad can be created by just clicking on the Boost Post Option available on the Image post of your Page. Images Ads are so simple but it does not mean that they are not effective and boring instead they can bring a lot of customers. If you want to run Image Ads then just be focused on design, because if the design is very attractive and eye-catchy, definitely it will bring more customers and if your design is spoiled, you may lose existing customers. 

Video Ads

Just like Image ads, Video Ads perform a lot more efficiently because the videos are auto-playable and when the user scrolls to the ad, the video will be played automatically. As we discussed in image ads that design matters a lot, similarly if your video is attractive and edited nicely and covers all functionalities and benefits of your product or service, definitely you will get a lot of orders. Video Ads usually run in mainstream and on Facebook Story and may be between longer videos. 

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